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Ear seeds

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Did you know?
The ear is a microsystem of the human body and houses more than 120 acupuncture points.

What are ear seeds?

Ear Seeds are designed to sit accurately on the pressure points on the ear, connecting directly to the central nervous system making them easy and effective to use. Stimulating these points can restore energy flow and balance the body.

Note: All specific disorder kits are listed as 24K gold plated except for the sleep kit. Should you prefer natural, or even crystal, then please get in touch. 

The products

Additional information

  • Safety: Ear seeds are non-invasive and do not pierce the skin. If you are pregnant then we recommend consulting a physician or other healthcare provider before applying them. We would also advise caution to anyone with a latex, nickel or adhesive allergy.

  • Disclaimer: This product is not used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please email us for further advice or seek the advice of a doctor regarding specific medical conditions. 

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